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               Tomasetti learned about the Sentinel EPE recyclers from John           
          Frabotta (Frabotta) and Dick Omohundro (Omohundro).6  Together              
          they paid Tomasetti a fee for his services in reviewing the                 
          private placement memorandum concerning the Sentinel recyclers              
          and also going to Hyannis to look at the equipment they were                
          considering as an investment.  Frabotta has a B.A. in economics             
          and accounting from San Diego State University and an M.B.A. from           
          Suffolk University.  From 1964 to 1973 he worked in the                     
          commercial and investment departments of First National Bank of             
          San Diego, from 1973 to 1978 he and Omohundro managed a Boston              
          mutual fund, for which Tomasetti was the auditor, from 1979 to              
          1987 he and Cote managed the research and high yield securities             
          group at Merrill Lynch, and since 1988 he has worked for a                  
          registered investment adviser, Prospect Street Investment                   
          Management, another fund for which Tomasetti is the auditor.                
          Frabotta is not an expert in plastics or plastics recycling.                
               Frabotta learned about the Sentinel EPE recyclers from Cote,           
          who in turn had learned about them from an accounting firm,                 
          Finkle & Co.  Finkle & Co. performed accounting functions for               
          Northeast or its general partner, Richard Roberts (Roberts), in             
          1983.7  Cote, Omohundro, and Frabotta all worked at Merrill Lynch           

          6    Omohundro did not testify at the trial.                                
          7    In 1983 Finkle & Co. prepared a report on the polyethylene             
          operations at Hyannis.  Roberts forwarded this report to limited            
          partners in the Plastics Recycling transactions.  In a cover                
          letter, Roberts refers to Finkle & Co. as "our accounting firm".            

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