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          testify about or have notes on each item on her list, based on                
          her testimony, notes and receipts, and Cohn’s testimony, we                   
          should conclude that she prepared an honest inventory of her                  
          damaged property.                                                             
               Respondent argues that we should not consider Cohn's                     
          appraisal because he did not see petitioner’s personal property               
          or photographs of property, and he lacked information about some              
          of the items.  We agree in part and disagree in part.  Cohn                   
          appeared to be knowledgeable, and he readily disclosed the limits             
          inherent in the methodology he used.  On the other hand, Cohn                 
          lacked necessary information, such as the age, original cost, or              
          pre-earthquake fair market value of some of petitioner’s items.               
          He incorrectly assumed that none of the property had salvage                  
          value.  Cohn did not know the size of or the number of lights in              
          the chandeliers, or the amount of crystal in them.  He did not                
          know the height, type, quality, or condition of the grandfather               
          clock.  He did not know the size or quality of the antique bells              
          or whether they were made of metal.  Cohn valued 20 books at $20              
          per book without knowing their titles, age, or condition.                     
               Petitioner’s estimates of the amount of her personal                     
          property damage were flawed in part.  She used the wrong year                 
          of purchase for a few of the items.  The refrigerator, stove,                 
          carpeting, and the entrance hall chandelier had all been in the               
          unit since it was built in 1982, yet petitioner listed the date               
          of purchase as 1988, the year she bought the condominium.                     

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Last modified: May 25, 2011