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                    d.   Conclusion                                                     
               We conclude that the earthquake caused the foundation to                 
          crack in 25 places and the floors to slope.  We also conclude,                
          based primarily on the Graham & Kellam report, that the                       
          foundation of petitioner's home could be repaired.  However, we               
          believe a buyer would pay much less for a home in that condition              
          than he or she would pay for the same property undamaged.  Even               
          though the Homeowners’ Association was liable for making some of              
          the repairs, we believe a prospective buyer would pay less for                
          this property than for identical property where no repairs were               
          required because of the possibility that it would take effort to              
          ensure that the work was done.  We conclude that petitioner’s                 
          home lost $115,000 in value because of the earthquake.                        
               4.   Personal Property                                                   
               Petitioner’s personal property was also damaged by the                   
          earthquake.  She deducted $134,411 on her 1988 return for loss                
          to her personal property.  She attached an appendix to her brief              
          showing that she had a personal property loss of $110,065.  We                
          treat the appendix as petitioner's position in this case relating             
          to her personal property loss.                                                
               Petitioner compiled a detailed inventory of her personal                 
          property that was damaged or destroyed as a result of the                     
          earthquake.  She spent 50 to 100 hours researching the cost of                
          the damaged items.  Cohn said that the values petitioner used                 
          were reasonable.  Petitioner contends that, although she did not              

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