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          (collectively, the Schools).  The clinical training provided is a             
          prerequisite to the professional licensing of doctors and                     
          dentists in New York State.                                                   
               The University does not maintain its own medical center.  To             
          provide the necessary clinical training, the University relies on             
          its affiliation with several teaching hospitals in the Buffalo                
          area.  All clinical programs are conducted at one or more                     
          teaching hospitals.                                                           
               Prior to 1983, the Schools and the affiliated teaching                   
          hospitals administered their own programs for the clinical                    
          education of medical and dental residents and fellows                         
          (hereinafter residents and fellows will be referred to                        
          collectively as residents).  Each hospital employed its own                   
          residents, met its own payroll, and provided its own benefits                 
          packages.  No one hospital or school had the resources necessary              
          to implement a comprehensive program.  As a result, the Schools               
          and the affiliated teaching hospitals had difficulty maintaining              
          accreditation for their programs.                                             
               In 1981, new accreditation standards, effective beginning in             
          1982, were announced by the Accreditation Council for Graduate                
          Medical Education (ACGME).  These standards required greater                  
          centralization of decision-making where two or more institutions              
          join together to provide medical education.  In such cases, the               
          standards required the establishment of mechanisms to ensure that             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011