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          the operations of individual institutions are consistent with the             
          overall mission of the group of institutions.                                 
               In 1983, the Schools and the affiliated teaching hospitals               
          responded to the new accreditation standards by entering into a               
          contract entitled “The Graduate Medical and Dental Education                  
          Consortium of Buffalo” (the Consortium Agreement).  The                       
          Consortium Agreement created a membership organization (the                   
          Consortium) comprising the Schools and several affiliated                     
          teaching hospitals.                                                           
               Through the Consortium Agreement, decision-making related to             
          the conduct of clinical training programs was centralized, and                
          the Consortium became the sole sponsoring institution with                    
          ultimate responsibility for all clinical training programs                    
          conducted at any of the hospitals.  The Consortium Agreement                  
               The Graduate Medical Dental Education Consortium of                      
               Buffalo * * *, established in 1983, is a membership                      
               organization designed to coordinate and manage the                       
               graduate medical and dental education programs * * *                     
               approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate                       
               Medical Education (ACGME) and the American Dental                        
               Association (ADA) throughout the affiliated teaching                     
               institutions in Western New York.  * * * [The                            
               Consortium] is the sponsoring institution of record for                  
               graduate medical and dental education programs in                        
               Western New York in compliance with the requirements of                  
               the ACGME and ADA.  * * * [The Consortium] provides                      
               overall management and assumes final responsibility for                  
               that graduate medical and dental education.                              
               All decisions relating to program operations, resource                   
          allocations, residents' grievances, disciplinary actions, and                 

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