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               As noted above, Mrs. Zeidler possessed a high school diploma           
          when she commenced her employment with Ladish.  As a Steno III at           
          Ladish, her duties were essentially the same as those of Steno I            
          and Steno II, from which she had progressed.  The curriculum Mrs.           
          Zeidler pursued at Alverno College was toward a Bachelor of                 
          Science degree in professional communications with a minor in               
          business management.  Mrs. Zeidler graduated with such a degree             
          on May 16, 1992.                                                            
               Petitioners contend that the sole purpose in Mrs. Zeidler's            
          advanced education was to improve her skills in the work she was            
          doing with Ladish.  She pursued the education because she                   
          recognized several years earlier that Ladish would ultimately be            
          adversely affected by economic and business conditions that would           
          require permanent layoffs of employees.  By having advanced                 
          educational training in her field, Mrs. Zeidler felt that she               
          would not be laid off, or, at least, her employment would be                
          prolonged.  Although Mrs. Zeidler was permanently laid off in               
          June 1992, she is satisfied that, because of her advanced                   
          educational training, her employment with Ladish continued at               
          least 6 or 7 years longer that if she had not earned her degree.            
          Because of her advanced education, Mrs. Zeidler was "held out of            
          seniority", in that other employees having seniority over her               
          were laid off.  Petitioners argue that Mrs. Zeidler's advanced              
          education did not qualify her for a new trade or business                   

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