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          was generally unconcerned with formalities and sought to do                 
          business without the aid of lawyers.  Ms. Jackson’s father had              
          substantial experience in road construction, including paving,              
          grading, and related matters.  Cities was used to obtain minority           
          and women's set-aside contracts.  Ms. Jackson, her father, and              
          petitioner joined together to perform on the contracts obtained             
          through Cities.  Ms. Jackson was the operating officer, her                 
          father was in charge of construction, and petitioner was                    
          responsible for providing funding.  Although petitioner was not             
          involved in the daily operations of Cities and its activities, he           
          was involved in the decision-making process and advanced money on           
          numerous occasions during 1986 and 1987.                                    
               As of June 6, 1986, petitioner had advanced $12,000.  Ms.              
          Jackson drafted a promissory note that she believed petitioner              
          could enforce.  By July 15, 1986, petitioner had advanced                   
          $167,500, which Ms. Jackson memorialized in what she believed to            
          be a valid, enforceable promissory note.                                    
               On July 15, 1986, petitioner and Ms. Jackson executed a                
          lease-purchase agreement for certain heavy equipment, including:            
          Trucks, a backhoe and excavator, an air compressor, and other               
          equipment.  The machinery was for use by Cities in the Century              
          project.  The terms of the lease provided for 6 monthly                     
          installments of $16,250, with the first payment to petitioner to            
          begin at the commencement of the progress payments to Cities on             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011