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            arranged financing.  Berger received gross income from dealer-                              
            arranged financing of $261,926.                                                             
                  Virtually all new motor vehicle dealers in Michigan and                               
            other states offer credit life and disability insurance (credit                             
            insurance) to their customers who buy vehicles with dealer-                                 
            arranged financing.  Credit insurance is also available from                                
            banks, credit unions, and other lenders.  Credit insurance is                               
            available to installment buyers under the age of 70 years without                           
            a physical examination, provided the buyer's answers to a health                            
            questionnaire are satisfactory.                                                             
                  To purchase credit disability insurance, the buyer must be                            
            actively employed and not on leave at the time of application for                           
            the insurance.  Benefits from the credit insurance policies, in                             
            the event of disability or death, are payable to the financial                              
            institution that holds the installment sale purchase agreement,                             
            not the buyer.  Benefits that exceed the outstanding                                        
            indebtedness, if any, are payable to the second beneficiary or                              
            the estate of the buyer.  Disability payments are prorated for                              
            each day the buyer is disabled and paid to the creditor up to a                             
            maximum of the full monthly vehicle installment payment.  Only                              
            the buyer, not any co-obligor, is eligible for disability                                   
                  Credit life and credit disability programs are written as                             
            group policies in which the buyer enrolls, rather than as                                   
            individual policies.  The group policy is issued to the dealer.                             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011