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            campaign.  Prior to the election, petitioner met with him and                               
            asked for his political support in the upcoming campaign.  Jack                             
            Ham told petitioner that he could count on his vote.  Thereafter,                           
            he donated $1,000 to petitioner's campaign.  Petitioner                                     
            discovered that in addition to contributing the $1,000, Jack Ham                            
            and approximately 16 other constituents, had co-signed a note for                           
            $50,000, which went to petitioner's campaign.  Moreover, Jack Ham                           
            personally lent the campaign $25,000.  After petitioner's                                   
            inauguration, Jack Ham visited petitioner in his office at the                              
            State Capitol Building (the Capitol) and the Governor's Mansion.                            
                  James Bertram Ham                                                                     
                  James Bertram Ham (Bert Ham) is the nephew of Jack Ham                                
            (collectively the Hams).  During the year in issue, Bert Ham was                            
            in the construction business.  He and a partner owned Redi-Built                            
            Products, Inc. (Redi-Built), a general contractor that built                                
            primary and multifamily housing.  Bert Ham was Redi-Built's                                 
            Clyde Edward Hood, Jr.8                                                                     
                  When petitioner ran for Governor, Clyde Edward Hood, Jr.                              
            (Hood) was his finance chairman for the State of Tennessee, and                             
            after his election Hood served as petitioner's assistant.                                   
            Petitioner and Hood not only were comrades, but Hood was "like a                            

            8     Clyde Edward Hood, Jr. died before trial.                                             

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