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            loan.  Although Commerce Bank made construction loans, Jack Ham                             
            did not think it would lend him money because of some problems                              
            with the bank in earlier years.                                                             
                  After being turned down for a loan by various banks, Jack                             
            Ham discussed his predicament with Hood, who suggested that he                              
            speak with petitioner about the matter.  Thereafter, he and Hood                            
            met with petitioner and offered him a finder's fee if he could                              
            assist Jack Ham in procuring the $2.5 million construction loan                             
            for the Royal Arms project.  Sometime thereafter, the Hams and                              
            Hood met at the Capitol to discuss the construction loan's                                  
            progress.  During that meeting, Hood telephoned petitioner                                  
            regarding the lack of results the Hams had in getting the                                   
            construction loan.   Petitioner, understanding that time was of                             
            the essence, said that he would call Nelson at Commerce Bank to                             
            discuss the matter.  Petitioner concedes that he indeed spoke                               
            with Nelson regarding the construction loan for Jack Ham.  During                           
            the conversation, Nelson told petitioner to have Jack Ham call                              
            the bank's construction lending department.                                                 
                  After speaking with petitioner, Nelson contacted Chris                                
            McDonald (McDonald), who was in charge of construction lending                              
            for the bank.  Nelson told McDonald about the conversation he had                           
            with petitioner and asked McDonald "if he wanted to make a                                  
            construction loan."   McDonald replied affirmatively, whereby                               
            Nelson responded "if it is a good loan, and you would like to                               

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