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          Oklahoma, in 1968 and a Ford dealership in Dallas, Texas, in                
          1975.  He was the sole shareholder and dealer of the Yukon and              
          Dallas dealerships.  Both of these dealerships were successful,             
          and Mr. Markley enjoyed a good reputation within the industry               
          with his customers.  As a suburban Oklahoma Ford dealer, Mr.                
          Markley was a competitor of Oklahoma City dealerships, and was              
          consistently ranked among the top two or three truck dealers in             
          the Oklahoma City metro area (out of seven dealerships).  In 1980           
          and 1981, Mr. Markley sold the Dallas and Yukon dealerships.                
               In May 1988, Mr. Markley reentered the automobile dealership           
          business when Chrysler awarded him a Jeep-Eagle franchise in                
          Oklahoma City.  He acquired the Jeep-Eagle franchise directly               
          from Chrysler.  The seller's sales and service agreement with               
          Chrysler (the franchise) was not transferable and was conditioned           
          upon the continued performance of day-to-day management duties by           
          Mr. Markley.                                                                
               Mr. Markley was a successful Jeep-Eagle dealer in the                  
          Oklahoma City market.  His overall vehicle sales averages                   
          exceeded his market share responsibility as determined by                   
          Chrysler.  Mr. Markley's name was known in the Oklahoma City                
          market as a result of his 14 years of advertising as a Ford                 
          dealer in Yukon, Oklahoma (a suburb of Oklahoma City).                      
               At the time of the sale to petitioner, Mr. Markley intended            
          to stay in the Oklahoma City area.  He was 49 years old, in good            
          health, and intended to expand an existing used car and finance             
          company business in Oklahoma City.                                          

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