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          rights under standard franchise for as long as it meets the terms           
          of the franchise agreement.  Chrysler reserves the right to                 
          independently evaluate all dealer candidates and accept or reject           
          candidates based upon its sole discretion.  Success in obtaining            
          a Jeep-Eagle franchise is not assured, even for an individual               
          with Mr. Howard's demonstrated abilities.                                   
          Mr. Howard's Application for a Chrysler Franchise                           
               In obtaining approval by Chrysler of Mr. Howard and                    
          petitioner as a dealer candidate, petitioner and Mr. Howard's               
          credentials and plans were considered on their own merit.                   
               The procedure for obtaining Chrysler's approval as a new               
          dealer candidate is a lengthy and detailed one.  When applying as           
          a dealer candidate, petitioner and Mr. Howard were required to              
          provide detailed information about their respective backgrounds             
          in the automobile sales industry, financing information, detailed           
          dealership plans, and numerous other documents.  Mr. Howard and             
          the employees and agents of petitioner spent several weeks                  
          preparing the necessary documentation and meeting with Chrysler             
               Ultimately, Mr. Howard's demonstrated abilities as an                  
          automobile dealership manager and petitioner's demonstrated                 
          performance in representing other manufacturers resulted in                 
          petitioner's approval by Chrysler.                                          
               Petitioner's Jeep-Eagle franchise would terminate by its               
          nonperformance of the franchise terms, by voluntary termination             

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