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          handwritten notes and other such informal materials that had been           
          generated prior to the entry of the Decision.                               
               On March 9, 1994, the 89th day after the Decision was                  
          entered, petitioners mailed their Motion for Leave, Motion to               
          Vacate, and Motion for Litigation Costs to the Court.  All three            
          motions were received by the Court on March 14, 1994, the 94th              
          day after the Decision was entered.  On the same day, March 14,             
          1994, the Court filed petitioners' Motion for Leave and lodged              
          petitioners' Motion to Vacate and petitioners' Motion for                   
          Litigation Costs.                                                           
               Prior to March 9, 1994, petitioners had not disclosed their            
          intention of seeking litigation costs.  However, at the time that           
          he executed the stipulated decision in November 1993,                       
          petitioners' counsel fully contemplated that petitioners would              
          seek litigation costs.  Nevertheless, petitioners' counsel did              
          not mail petitioners' three motions to the Court until March 9,             
          1994.  Petitioners' counsel intentionally delayed submitting the            
          motions for two reasons.  First, petitioners' counsel was                   
          concerned that claiming litigation costs might cause respondent             
          to withhold concession of the amounts in issue in the present               
          case.  Second, petitioners' counsel was concerned that claiming             
          litigation costs might negatively influence the resolution of               
          another dispute between petitioners and respondent that was also            

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