Clyde E. Owens and Marie W. Owens - Page 5

                                        - 5 -                                         
          sales, keep records, take out the garbage, and clean the                    
               2.   The Big O Truck Stop                                              
               Mr. Owens bought gasoline and diesel fuel from Murphy Oil,             
          hauled it to Big O Truck Stop, and sold it to the public.  Mr.              
          Owens also sold beer and ice at Big O Truck Stop.  Big O Truck              
          Stop competes with larger establishments like Nobels, Chevron,              
          and Robinson's.  Mr. Owens made all of the business decisions for           
          Big O Truck Stop.  He did not receive a salary for managing Big O           
          Truck Stop.                                                                 
               The bank account that Mr. Owens used for Big O Truck Stop              
          was in the name of Mr. Owens, Jason Owens, and Bryan Owens doing            
          business as "Big-O".  The sign advertising Big O Truck Stop said            
          "Owens' Big-O Barbecue & Truck Stop".  Telephone calls to Big O             
          Truck Stop were answered "Owens".                                           
               Mr. and Mrs. Owens reported truck lift and tire change                 
          income as part of the income for Big O Truck Stop on their 1989             
          and 1990 returns.                                                           
               3.   Big O Barbecue                                                    
               Big O Barbecue was located with Big O Truck Stop.  Ms.                 
          Feltrinelli sold barbecue and sandwiches at Big O Barbecue.                 
               4.   Burger Chick                                                      
               Mr. and Mrs. Owens owned Burger Chick, a fast food retail              
          business that operated from a trailer.  In 1989 and 1990, Burger            

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