Clyde E. Owens and Marie W. Owens - Page 12

                                       - 12 -                                         
               Petitioners brought many documents with them to trial.                 
          However, the documents were disorganized and had not been                   
          exchanged as required by the three standing pretrial orders                 
          previously served on petitioners.  Petitioners testified and                
          offered into evidence some documents which they had not exchanged           
          before trial.                                                               
               Ms. Feltrinelli had major surgery about a month before the             
          partial trial.  At the start of the trial, the Court asked Ms.              
          Feltrinelli if she felt like she could go ahead with the trial.             
          Ms. Feltrinelli said that she thought that she could.  However,             
          she became very uncomfortable during the trial.  The Court halted           
          the trial because it could not be completed in the time available           
          and because Ms. Feltrinelli did not feel well.  The Court asked             
          respondent's agent Dorothy Poole (Poole) to meet with Mrs. Owens            
          and Ms. Feltrinelli later to review petitioners' documents to try           
          to settle the cases.                                                        
               3.   Respondent's Agent's Meeting With Petitioners                     
               Several months after the partial trial, Poole met with Mrs.            
          Owens and Ms. Feltrinelli.  They met for 35 hours over 4 days.              
          Poole reviewed documents that Mrs. Owens and Ms. Feltrinelli                
          provided.  Poole listed the documents that she saw and gave a               
          copy of the list to Mr. Owens and Mr. Austin.  The parties agreed           
          that petitioners would bring the documents to a conference with             
          Mr. Austin and Appeals Officer Harry Neville where they could be            

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