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          Maxfield always stressed that he "was not an investment analyst."           
          Maxfield described his role in analyzing and investigating the              
          Plastics Recycling transactions as follows:  "I really viewed my            
          role as I was a conveyor of information and of my impressions.  I           
          made it very clear to each of the potential investors, it's their           
          business decision, not mine."  (Emphasis added.)  Reflecting upon           
          his own decision to invest in the Plastics Recycling                        
          transactions, Maxfield stated, "there were obviously--if I would            
          have asked the right questions, I wouldn't have made the                    
          E.  Petitioners and Their Introduction to the Partnership                   
               Petitioners in these cases do not have any education,                  
          training, or experience in engineering, plastics recycling, or              
          plastics materials.  They did not independently investigate the             
          Sentinel EPE recyclers or see a Sentinel EPE recycler or any                
          other type of plastics recycler prior to participating in the               
          recycling ventures.  Petitioners never made a profit in any year            
          from their investments in the Partnerships.                                 
               1.  John and Marianne Sann                                             
               Petitioners John Sann and Marianne Sann resided in                     
          Larchmont, New York, when their petitions were filed.  John Sann            
          (Sann) was born and raised in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.                 
          After attending the Lyceum and the University of Lausanne in                
          Switzerland, he served in the Royal Air Force in England and the            

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