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          Dutch Air Force in Holland for several years.  He then pursued a            
          law degree at the University of Amsterdam, transferred to                   
          Columbia Law School in New York City, and graduated in 1952.                
          Sann became a member of the New York bar, and in 1955 he joined             
          the law firm of Mitchell, Capron.  In 1960 he joined the law firm           
          of Debevoise & Plimpton.  Sann left Debevoise & Plimpton in 1970            
          and, with Edwin Howe, formed the law firm of Sann & Howe.  He               
          remained a name partner at Sann & Howe until 1993.                          
               Sann specializes in international law.  He advises foreign             
          individuals and entities regarding investments in the United                
          States.  Among his clients for many years have been Royal Dutch             
          Shell in the Hague and Shell Transport and Trading in London.               
          Together these two companies own the worldwide group of Shell               
          companies.  Sann has counseled executives of the two companies              
          with respect to investments in the United States for their                  
          corporate pension funds.  On a personal level, Sann has invested            
          in the stock market, securities, mutual funds, investment                   
          partnerships, and real estate.  Sann approaches each of his                 
          personal investments "separately and individually, depending on             
          the nature of the investment."                                              
               In 1981, Sann acquired an indirect, limited partnership                
          interest in Empire with a $43,750 investment in S&H Empire, and             
          an indirect limited partnership interest in Plymouth with a                 
          $50,000 investment in Plymouth Partners.  In 1982, he acquired an           

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