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          1993, petitioner was contacted by Richard Sheriff, the president            
          of Astron DS Corporation (Astron).  Astron manufactures wire                
          display racks.  In April or May 1993, petitioner reached an                 
          agreement with Richard Sheriff to perform services for Astron.              
          No written contract was executed.  Petitioner was engaged by                
          Astron to assist in relocating its existing plant operations to a           
          new location.  Petitioner's primary responsibility was to advise            
          Richard Sheriff's son, David Sheriff, on this project.                      
               Astron provided petitioner with a drawing board, a desk, a             
          telephone, and other supplies.  Astron did not provide any                  
          benefits to petitioner in the form of vacation or sick leave or             
          participation in a pension plan or health plan.  Petitioner did             
          not fill out any forms with respect to the withholding of taxes             
          from his payments from Astron, and Astron did not withhold any              
          taxes from payments to petitioner.  Petitioner submitted invoices           
          to Astron with respect to the work he performed.  In October or             
          November 1993, Richard Sheriff terminated petitioner.  Petitioner           
          received Form 1099-MISC from Astron, showing Astron paid                    
          petitioner nonemployee compensation in the amount of $44,2443 in            
               During 1993, petitioner and Mrs. Schroeder received Social             
          Security benefits in the respective amounts of $14,851 and                  

          3    All amounts have been rounded.                                         

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