Estate of Juanita F. Sirmans, Deceased Dan L. Sirmans, Executor - Page 9

                                        - 9 -                                         

                  representative to exercise your legal right to                      
                  accompany us on this inspection.  If a survey or                    
                  site plan of said property is available, please                     
                  bring it with you on the date of inspection so                      
                  as to expedite the appraisal process.                               
                       Date:     February 19, 1991 (Tuesday)                          
                       Time:     9:AM                                                 
                       If you have any questions, please contact                      
                  Patrick Fishback of our office (Phone 813-251-                      
                  5139) at any time.                                                  

                  Edward L. Fishback, MAI                                             

                  On April 19, 1991, Mr. Fishback submitted his                       
             appraisal of the 4.83 acres of the parcel designated folio               
             3143 to Mr. Richard Sargent, Director-Real Estate                        
             Department, Hillsborough County (Fishback appraisal).                    
             According to the appraisal, as of April 19, 1991, the value              
             of the parcel designated folio 3143 using a comparable sale              
             approach was $390,500.  The appraisal estimated that the                 
             market value of the 4.83 acres to be acquired for the                    
             proposed road right-of-way, including damages to the                     
             remaining property, was $94,320.                                         
                  By letter dated May 8, 1991, Mr. Michael Caruthers of               
             the Board of County Commissioners, Office of the County                  
             Administrator, wrote to the decedent, c/o Mr. Sirmans, and               
             offered to purchase the 4.83 acres of the decedent's                     

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