Estate of Juanita F. Sirmans, Deceased Dan L. Sirmans, Executor - Page 11

                                       - 11 -                                         

                  In a letter dated May 20, 1991, Mr. Sirmans rejected                
             the County's offer and made a counterproposal to sell the                
             4.83 acres of the property for $20,000 per acre or $96,600.              
             Mr. Sirmans' letter states as follows:                                   

                  RE: Project 89-77-R, Paglen Road, Parcel 123                        
                  Attention: Mr. Michael W. Caruthers                                 
                  Dear Mr. Caruthers:                                                 
                  I am in receipt of your letter dated May 8, 1991,                   
                  regarding the above referenced project.  In                         
                  regards to the property involved, there are                         
                  several facts of which you need to be advised.                      
                  These are as follows:                                               

                            *   *   *   *   *   *   *                                 
                       2. The appraisal and your offer place a                        
                       value on the property of $19,500.00 per                        
                       acre.  I find this to be inconsistent                          
                       with the valuation of the property for                         
                       tax purposes.  The market value for tax                        
                       purposes for the last several years has                        
                       been $20,000.00 per acre.  I believe it                        
                       to be only fair that your offer price                          
                       be consistent with what the county has                         
                       been using as a basis for taxes.  I                            
                       would, therefore be willing to accept                          
                       an offer of $20,000.00 per acre or                             
                       $96,600.00 for the 4.83 acres as                               
                       compared to your offer of $19,500.00                           
                       per acre or $94,185.00 for the 4.83                            
                       3.  Prior to receiving your offer, I                           
                       had entered into an agreement with                             
                       Mr. Ronald Carnes of Odessa, Florida                           
                       to raise cattle on the property.  This                         
                       required removing the existing fence                           
                       and replacing it with a five strand                            
                       barbed wire fence at a considerable                            

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