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             agent and sold it on August 19, 1982, to a local radio                   
             station in Lawton, KLAW.  Petitioner financed the sale.                  
                  608 D Avenue, Lawton:  Petitioner acquired this                     
             property at auction on July 1, 1981, and, shortly                        
             thereafter, listed it for sale with a real estate agent,                 
             Finley Properties.  On September 1, 1982, petitioner sold                
             the property to Mr. Billy Reed.  Petitioner financed the                 
             sale of the property.                                                    
                  802 S.E. 3d, Lawton (Two Properties):  Petitioner                   
             purchased two properties from Finley Properties that were                
             leased to Ensco Oil.  After 2 years, the lessee "folded up               
             and moved".  The two properties are composed of five lots,               
             three of which were vacant, and two of which were improved               
             with a building.  After the properties were vacant for                   
             approximately 3 years, petitioner listed them for sale with              
             a real estate agent and on July 1, 1985, sold the three                  
             vacant lots to a bakery.  On December 15, 1987, petitioner               
             sold the building to Mr. Kent Wallar.                                    
                  45th & E. Gore, Lawton:  On April 1, 1983, petitioner               
             purchased this unimproved property from Champlin Oil Co.                 
             and built a store on the property.  Petitioner leased the                
             store for some time and on January 24, 1989, sold the                    
             property to Mr. Stanley Booker.  Petitioner financed the                 

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