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               Petitioner resided in Dunwoody, Georgia, at the time he                
          filed his petition.                                                         
                                  FINDINGS OF FACT                                    
               Petitioner married Anita on February 16, 1979.  They had two           
          children together.                                                          
               A jury verdict in an action for divorce brought by Anita was           
          rendered on November 17, 1989.  Paragraph 5 of the form verdict             
          provides:  "Alimony is awarded as follows:  Two lump sum                    
          payments.  $24,000 immediately, $750,000 on or before May 17th              
          1990."  A "Final Judgement and Decree" of divorce (Judgment) was            
          entered by the Superior Court of DeKalb County, Georgia (Superior           
          Court), on January 2, 1990.  The Judgment incorporated the jury             
          verdict and in paragraph 3 ordered as follows:                              
                    3.  The Defendant Husband shall pay to the                        
               Plaintiff Wife lump sum alimony payments in the amounts                
                         a.  Twenty-Four Thousand Dollars ($24,000.00)                
               instanter; and,                                                        
                         b.  Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars                     
               ($750,000.00) on or before May 17, 1990.                               
               On June 25, 1992, the Superior Court heard Anita's contempt            
          action against petitioner for his failure to pay the amount                 
          required under the Judgment.  In late 1992, pursuant to the                 
          Judgment and a November 13, 1992, order of the Superior Court,              
          the clerk disbursed funds to Anita out of the Registry of the               
          court in the amount of $750,000, plus interest thereon in the               
          amount of $221,684, less attorney's fees payable to Butler and              
          Seigal, P.C., of $57,726.80. (Such funds stemmed from an earlier            

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