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          economic advantages as employees.  The notice of proposed                   
          settlement then informed the class members regarding the method             
          selected to compensate individual class members for their                   
          demonstrated economic harm arising from the loss of their                   
          employment.  Individual class members were given the option to              
          exclude themselves from the proposed settlement for any reason,             
          including the possibility that their claim was more expansive               
          than one for employment-related economic loss.                              
               Individual class members were required to submit a proof of            
          claim and release to the independent trustee to claim a portion             
          of the recovery.  The proof of claim and release form was                   
          designed to measure each individual class member's degree of                
          employment-related economic harm.  The form inquired as to the              
          individual class member's age, years of service with AHP, job               
          classification at the time of separation, whether the individual            
          was bumped down before separation, whether the individual                   
          received severance pay at the time of separation, how the                   
          individual's current benefits differed from those received at               
          AHP, and the individual's current sources of income.  No inquiry            
          was made as to whether an individual class member had suffered              
          any physical or emotional injury.                                           
               Petitioner claimed entitlement to a portion of the class               
          action recovery and stated in his proof of claim as follows:                

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