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                    The economic damages that I have suffered since my                
               termination from Whitehall Lab. in Elkhart has had a                   
               devastating hardship on my financial future and security.              
                    Since losing my job, I have had to withdraw all my                
               savings and cash in securities that I had put aside for my             
               retirement years.                                                      
                    When I was hired at Whitehall Lab. in Elkhart in August           
               of 1986, I felt as though I had secured my future with the             
               good wages I would be able to make during my years until               
               retirement.  Also I felt as though I would have good                   
               retirement benefits secured for my "golden years".  I knew             
               if I were given a chance to work at this facility for the              
               future 27 to 30 years, I would be in a good position with              
               full pension and medical benefits.                                     
                    Currently I am working at a job that pays less than 50%           
               of the wages I made at Elkhart's Whitehall Lab.                        
                    In moving the facility to Puerto Rico the results were            
               that I was one of over 800 plus workers whose life has                 
               changed.  Leaving me with an insecure future, and with the             
               possibility that I will never have the financial security              
               that I had while employed at Whitehall.                                
               Petitioner may have suffered some depression as a result of            
          being laid off.  However, petitioner did not consult with a                 
          doctor for any such condition.  Petitioner did not claim any                
          emotional or physical injury and did not opt out of the                     
          settlement agreement to pursue a claim for personal injury or               
               A final order and judgment in the class action was entered             
          in September 1992.  In that document, the District Court approved           
          the joint stipulation of settlement filed by the parties.  The              
          District Court retained jurisdiction solely for the purpose of              
          ensuring proper administration of the settlement proceeds.                  

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