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               Petitioner manufactures pressure-sensitive identification              
          materials, such as product labels and graphic overlays.  In                 
          addition, it offers typesetting services to retail customers.               
               Lon Martin (who was petitioner's president and sole                    
          shareholder during its fiscal year ended June 30, 1990) completed           
          about 2 years of college and then began working in the printing             
          business.  As of 1978, Mr. Martin had approximately 20 years of             
          experience working in the label and printing industry.  During              
          those 20 years, he performed tasks ranging from running presses             
          to managing his own label and printing business.                            
               Before 1978, Mr. Martin, in partnership with other                     
          individuals, had owned and operated for a number of years a label           
          and printing business in southern California.  Following his                
          first wife's death and his remarriage, he sold his interest in              
          the southern California business and moved to Portland, Oregon,             
          about 1978.                                                                 
               From 1978 until petitioner's incorporation in 1980, Mr.                
          Martin operated a sole proprietorship label and printing business           
          in Portland.  Initially, this label and printing business was a             
          one-man operation that he conducted with the help of his second             
          wife and his junior-high-school-age son, Mike Martin (Mike).  Mr.           
          Martin called upon potential customers during the day and often             
          printed at night the labels that were ordered.  Mrs. Martin                 
          helped him by serving as a secretary and shipping clerk; Mike               
          helped him with the printing of the labels.                                 

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