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          He became a full-time employee in 1985.                                     
               After he began working full time for petitioner, Mr. Crispe            
          eventually performed substantial administrative and general                 
          business tasks that Mr. Martin previously handled.                          
               As indicated previously, Mike had helped Mr. Martin while in           
          junior high school.  Following his graduation from high school,             
          he worked for petitioner full time.  He became petitioner's                 
          production manager in the late 1980's and was promoted to vice              
          president for manufacturing in 1990.                                        
               In addition to Mike, during its fiscal year ended June 30,             
          1990, petitioner employed a staff engineer, as well as two                  
          production managers or team leaders.  Petitioner also had four              
          salesmen, each of whom worked on a commission basis.                        
               During 1990, Mr. Martin's duties included:  (1) Setting                
          corporate policy; (2) establishing and monitoring quality policy            
          and authorizing resources to ensure compliance; (3) maintaining             
          relationships with customers, professionals, and the community,             
          as needed; (4) directing the investment of funds; (5) directing             
          employee policies; (6) establishing 1-year and 5-year mission               
          statements; (7) coordinating relationships with competitors,                
          suppliers, and consultants to accomplish corporate goals; (8)               
          chairing all board meetings; (9) approving departmental strategy;           
          and (10) reviewing and approving all capital expenditures.                  
               From 1981 through 1991, Mr. Martin's total annual                      
          compensation, consisting of a salary and bonus, from petitioner             

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