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               After an approximate 3-month stay in the hospital,                     
          petitioner was discharged to a convalescent hospital.  Initially,           
          petitioner’s employer paid for his convalescent care.  Soon                 
          after, however, petitioner’s employer refused to pay for the                
          rehabilitation, and petitioner had to leave the convalescent                
               Petitioner then returned to Fresno to live with his twin               
          brother and his sister-in-law.  Petitioner’s sister-in-law was a            
          nurse and provided him with medical attention.  During his                  
          recovery period, which extended through November 1989, petitioner           
          did not work.                                                               
               In November 1989, petitioner’s brother and sister-in-law               
          moved to Nigeria.  From that point on, petitioner was on his own,           
          and he began to rebuild his life.  He decided to return to school           
          and attended Long Beach State University, where he lived in the             
          dormitory.  For the fall 1990 term, petitioner changed                      
          universities and enrolled at the University of California at                
               Meanwhile, petitioner hired an attorney, Arthur Levy, to               
          secure disability income from the Employment Development                    
          Department of the California Department of Employment (EDD).                

          2  While petitioner was in the hospital, the California                     
          Department of Victims of Violent Crime paid petitioner’s rent on            
          his Oakland studio apartment.  The department also assisted                 
          petitioner in returning to Fresno from the convalescent hospital.           

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