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          Commencing October 7, 1988, the EDD began paying petitioner                 
          temporary disability of $133.33 per week.  Subsequently,                    
          petitioner hired attorney Gary Snyder to pursue other claims.  On           
          or about July 17, 1991, petitioner resolved his claims against              
          the California Department of Industrial Relations Uninsured                 
          Employer’s Fund.  Petitioner was awarded temporary disability of            
          $133.33 per week from October 7, 1988, through October 5, 1989,             
          in addition to permanent disability of $133.33 per week from                
          October 12, 1989, through July 17, 1991, subject to certain                 
          deductions.  Deductions were made for temporary disability                  
          previously paid, for moneys paid by the EDD from October 6, 1988,           
          through August 25, 1989, at $133.33 per week, and for Mr.                   
          Snyder’s attorney fees.  Thus, on July 17, 1991, petitioner                 
          received a final settlement of $8,717.81.                                   
               In 1990, Gary Snyder introduced petitioner to attorney                 
          Georgia Michell (Ms. Michell).  Petitioner hired Ms. Michell to             
          represent him in a personal injury action relating to the                   
          injuries he sustained in the 1988 shooting incident.3  Petitioner           
          signed a contract agreeing to pay Ms. Mitchell a fee of 40                  
          percent of the damages award if the case was settled or tried and           
          a 45-percent fee if appellate work was required.  Ms. Michell, on           

          3  A substantial portion of the factual findings at this                    
          point is derived from the findings set forth in the unpublished             
          opinion of the Court of Appeal of the State of California, First            
          Appellate District, Division Five, in the case of Osijo v. Ganong           
          and Michell et al., said opinion having been filed Apr. 12, 1996.           

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