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                    order to insure his obligation for lump sum                       
                    alimony as set out herein.  * * *                                 
                         9. During their marriage, the parties                        
                    regarded themselves as a joint economic unit                      
                    or partnership sharing equally in the                             
                    ownership of appreciable portions of their                        
                    income and assets.    Each  participated                          
                    diligently in the enhancement of such income                      
                    and assets, contributing services, funds,                         
                    counsel, ideas and other assistance as                            
                    appropriate.  They commingled their incomes                       
                    and applied themselves jointly to the                             
                    accomplishment of joint financial endeavors,                      
                    intending that the accumulated fruits of their                    
                    joint endeavors would be jointly owned                            
                    property (whether held in joint or individual                     
                    names).  As and [sic] for an equal property                       
                    exchange, the parties shall make the following                    
                    transfers and payments in an effort to                            
                    equitably distribute their estate:                                
                              a)  Husband shall pay direct to Wife                    
                    the sum of $50,000.00 cash on this date.                          
                    Thereafter, Husband shall pay to Wife the sum                     
                    of $50,000.00 one year from the date hereof,                      
                    and $50,000.00 two years from date hereof, all                    
                    without interest.                                                 
                              b)  Husband shall convey to Wife, by                    
                    appropriate instrument, all of his right,                         
                    title and interest in the property located at                     
                    2636 Forest Point Court, Jacksonville, Florida                    
                    32217 * * *                                                       
                              c)  Wife shall convey to Husband, by                    
                    appropriate instrument, all of her right,                         
                    title and interest in the marital home located                    
                    at 1362 Mandarin Road, Jacksonville, Florida                      
                    32223 * * *                                                       
                              d)  Wife shall convey to Husband by                     
                    appropriate instrument, all of her right,                         
                    title and interest in and to the following                        
                    real property located at 2428 South Ponte                         
                    Vedra Boulevard, South Ponte Vedra, Florida *                     
                    *  *                                                              
                    *      *      *      *       *     *       *                      

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