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          with Mr. Warren T. Boswell in a house owned by Mr. Boswell.                 
          Petitioner rented a bedroom from Mr. Boswell for approximately              
          $200 per month.                                                             
               Petitioner and his former wife, Mary L. Walker, were married           
          on April 4, 1966.  Two children were born of the marriage, Wendy            
          Walker and Stefan Walker.  Petitioner and his former wife (here-            
          inafter sometimes referred to as Mary Walker) separated in 1987,            
          and on July 24, 1987, they executed a separation and property               
          settlement agreement (the separation agreement).2  The separation           
          agreement provides as follows:                                              
                    4.  REAL PROPERTY.  The parties jointly own a home                
               as tenants by the entirety known as 8910 Landers Road,                 
               North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, in which                  
               neither party lives and which is current on the market                 
               for sale.  Upon sale of said property, the parties will                
               have equal shares of the equity proceeds after all                     
               associated debts are paid.  One such associated debt is                
               the repayment to wife the sum of $12,000.00, to be                     
               invested into a retirement pension fund on her behalf.                 
               At the wife's discretion, she may assign her half of                   
               the remaining equity to husband for the purpose of                     
               purchasing property to construct condominium apartment                 
               building (4-6 units) with a single garage attached.                    
               For her equity investment, the husband shall deed to                   
               wife one ground level two bedroom unit with the                        
               attached garage as wholly owned and free of debt. * * *                
                    5.  AUTOMOBILE.  The husband and wife do hereby                   
               release and relinquish unto each other, any and all                    
               rights, title and interest in and to the following                     
               individually and jointly owned automobiles:                            
                    a.   1987 Honda Accord        Wife                                
                    b.   1984 Mercedes Benz       Husband                             

               2 The record does not indicate when a formal divorce decree            
          was entered.                                                                

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