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                    c.   1975 Chevrolet Nova      Husband                             
                    d.   1972 Chevrolet Pickup    Husband                             
                    e.   1973 Ford T-B            Husband                             
               *    *         *         *    *         *         *                    
                    6.  HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY.                    
               The husband hereby covenants and agrees and transfers                  
               unto the wife all his right, title and interest in and                 
               to the household furnishings, furniture, appliances,                   
               bric-a-brac, and all other items of personal property                  
               and household effects in the following rooms of home:                  
               living room, dining room, master bedroom excluding                     
               remote TV, den TV, recreation room TV, her choice of                   
               decorating items, washer and dryer, kitchen appliances                 
               and dishes/cookware, and den console stereo.  The                      
               husband shall be entitled to remove all his personal                   
               belongings, clothes, and the other household furnish-                  
               ings heretofore agreed upon between the parties hereto.                
               The parties further agree to share equally the remain-                 
               ing funds currently held in escrow for business Chapter                
               II upon release by the Court's Trustee.                                
                    7.  LIFE INSURANCE.  The husband covenants and                    
               agrees to maintain and pay all premiums, as and when                   
               they become due, on the life insurance policy in the                   
               amount of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00), with a                  
               provision for double indemnity in the event of acci-                   
               dental death, and to retain the wife as the primary                    
               beneficiary thereof until she remarries or until her                   
                    8.  TAX REFUND.  The husband covenants and agrees                 
               the wife shall be entitled to half (�) the Federal and                 
               State tax refunds for calendar year 1986.  The husband                 
               agrees that he will endorse said tax return checks                     
               immediately upon receipt and pay to the wife half (�)                  
               the proceeds.                                                          
               *    *         *         *    *         *         *                    
                   10.  ALIMONY.  The husband does hereby covenant                   
               and agree to pay unto the wife as alimony for her                      
               maintenance and support, the sum of One Hundred Eigh-                  
               teen Dollars ($118.00) per month, commencing on the                    
               first of the month after the date of separation, and                   
               for each and every month thereafter until date of                      
               February, 1988 and increase to $300.00 per month until                 

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