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                                        - 6 -                                         

               At the time petitioner's employment was terminated, he had             
          been employed by WC for approximately 21 years.                             
          Settlement Agreement and General Release                                    
               Following petitioner's acceptance of Mr. Creighton's                   
          $1,125,000 offer, attorneys became involved in drafting the                 
          settlement agreement.  Petitioner's attorney attempted to insert a          
          statement in the draft agreement that the $1,125,000 payment was in         
          consideration for tort liabilities.  WC's assistant general counsel         
          specifically refused to acknowledge that WC's $1,125,000 payment to         
          petitioner was in consideration for any tort liabilities.                   
               On May 16, 1989, petitioner and Mr. Creighton (on WC's behalf)         
          signed a Settlement Agreement and General Release of All Claims             
          (General Release).  Pursuant to the General Release, petitioner was         
          paid $1,125,000 in consideration for releasing all potential causes         
          of action against WC and WMC.  In this regard, the General Release          
                    The Cash Payment shall represent full and                         
                    complete satisfaction, settlement and release                     
                    by Wise of any and all claims he has or may                       
                    have against any entity in the Weyerhaeuser                       
                    Group, or any director, officer of [sic]                          
                    employee of any entity in the Weyerhaeuser                        
                    Group for salary, bonus and other incentive                       
                    compensation, severance pay or other                              
                    compensation based on termination of employment                   
                    and accrued and unpaid vacation pay.                              
                    *       *       *       *      *      *      *                    
                         Wise does as of the Effective Date release                   
                    Weyerhaeuser, each subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser,                    
                    and each director, officer, employee and agent                    

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