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                    of Weyerhaeuser and each subsidiary  of                           
                    Weyerhaeuser, from any and all claims that Wise                   
                    has asserted or could assert under federal,                       
                    state or municipal laws, executive orders, or                     
                    any federal, state or municipal regulations or                    
                    rules based on, arising out of, or relating to                    
                    his employment by WMC, the termination of such                    
                    employment, his service as a director or                          
                    officer of any subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser or                      
                    the termination of such service, including,                       
                    without limitation, claims under age                              
                    discrimination laws of the United States or the                   
                    State of California, claims of intentional or                     
                    negligent injury, and claims for back or future                   
                    wages, compensation or benefits, except as                        
                    provided for in Section 1 of this Agreement,                      
                    claims of right or entitlement to reinstatement                   
                    of employment by WMC or any other entity in the                   
                    Weyerhaeuser Group as to any position or job                      
                    whatsoever, claims of negligent, intentional or                   
                    unintentional infliction of emotional distress,                   
                    claims based on oral or written contracts of                      
                    employment, claims based on discrimination laws                   
                    of the United States and claims for attorney's                    
                    fees and costs, as a prevailing party or                          
                    otherwise, and claims for damages for pain and                    
                    suffering, personal injury and consequential                      
                    damages except for claims based on breach of                      
                    this Agreement.                                                   
               In addition to petitioner's release of all claims against WC,          
          petitioner agreed to resign from his position as a director and             
          officer of MIP.  Petitioner also resigned from his position at RFSL.        
               Petitioner did not suffer any injury or sickness at the time           
          he entered into the settlement agreement.                                   
          Petitioners' 1989 Federal Income Tax Return                                 
               On their 1989 Federal income tax return petitioners included           
          in income $112,767 of the $1,125,000 settlement payment petitioner          
          received from WC.  (Petitioner arrived at the $112,767 amount by            

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