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          did not attend the conference or otherwise respond to the letter            
          from respondent's counsel.  Respondent's counsel mailed a second            
          Branerton letter on January 16, 1998, which repeated the same               
          information regarding the Court's policies and requirements                 
          regarding discovery.  The second letter invited petitioners to              
          meet with respondent's counsel on January 30, 1998, at 2 p.m.               
          The second letter encouraged petitioners to contact respondent's            
          counsel by telephone to reschedule the January 30 meeting if they           
          could not attend on that date.  Petitioners failed to attend the            
          proposed conference or otherwise to respond to the second letter.           
               On April 8, 1998, notice was served on the parties that the            
          case was calendared for trial during the Los Angeles, California,           
          trial session beginning September 8, 1998.  Attached to the                 
          notice was a copy of the Court's Standing Pre-Trial Order,                  
          advising the parties of the Court's policies and requirements               
          regarding discovery, stipulations of fact, and other pretrial               
          matters and ordering the parties to comply with those                       
               On April 27, 1998, respondent's counsel mailed petitioners a           
          third Branerton letter, requesting that petitioners contact                 
          counsel for respondent by telephone to schedule a meeting.  As              
          with the previously scheduled conferences, the stated purpose of            
          the meeting was to discuss documentation and other evidence so              
          that the parties could begin to develop a stipulation of facts              

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