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          Fifth Amendment, attorney-client privilege, and the work-product             
          doctrine.  At no time was petitioner denied access to her                    
               Subsequently, Mr. Freidus filed a petition under Chapter 7              
          of the Bankruptcy Code.  On October 1, 1991, the Bankruptcy Court            
          entered an order directing that Mr. Freidus and petitioner be                
          deposed and that they produce numerous documents with respect to             
          their financial condition.  Petitioner's counsel advised the                 
          United States that petitioner would not submit to a deposition,              
          invoking her rights under the Fifth Amendment; the United States             
          did not depose petitioner.  The Bankruptcy Court denied Mr.                  
          Freidus a discharge of his Federal tax liabilities.  Mr. Freidus             
          presently owes the Internal Revenue Service in excess of $21                 
               During the years in issue, petitioner traveled extensively.             
          She flew to auction houses in London.  Petitioner and her husband            
          traveled to Tokyo, Japan, in early April 1988, at the request of             
          the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum to be present at the opening               
          ceremony of an exhibition entitled "The 1920's in Japan".                    
          Petitioner also traveled to Russia and France to visit museums to            
          which she had lent paintings.                                                
               Petitioner now resides in an 8,000 square-foot home on 20               
          acres, with an in-ground pool, 4 fireplaces, 715 feet of                     
          waterfront and a gazebo.  At the time of trial, the house was on             

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