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          petitioner primary residential custody of the children and                   
          directing, among other things, that Dr. Gonzales pay $7,500 a                
          month to support his wife and four children (family support).  In            
          relevant part, the temporary order read:                                     
               pending the resolution of this matter * * * [Dr. Gon-                   
               zales] shall pay $7500 per month unallocated, commenc-                  
               ing on November 1, 1992 as and for support of * * *                     
               [petitioner] and the infant children of the marriage,                   
               from which sum * * * [petitioner] shall pay all family                  
               expenses including the mortgage, children's school                      
               expenses and unreimbursed medical expenses and her                      
               schooling * * *                                                         
          The temporary order failed to indicate how the payments would be             
          treated for tax purposes, whether the payments would terminate at            
          petitioner's death, or what portion thereof represented child                
               On September 21, 1995, the Gonzaleses signed a written                  
          agreement that settled such issues as property division, alimony,            
          and child support (settlement agreement).  Under its terms, the              
          couple's oldest child would live with Dr. Gonzales, while the                
          younger siblings would remain with their mother.  Beginning                  
          September 21, 1995, Dr. Gonzales agreed to pay child support of              
          $40,000 a year ($13,333.33 per child) for 9 years, or until                  
          emancipation occurred as defined in the agreement.2                          

               2The settlement agreement identified the Gonzaleses' second             
          oldest child as having special needs whose right to child support            
          was unaffected by the emancipation provision contained therein.              

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