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          on certain time-shares was $65,000, (3) that the aggregate value            
          of the Key West condominiums that he owned was $120,000, and                
          (4) that the liabilities on those two properties totaled $82,000.           
          Mr. Kayian, Sr. did not disclose the Aruba bonds or his 1987                
          through 1991 tax liability in the financial affidavit.                      
               On or about April 29, 1993, Mr. Kayian, Sr. executed and               
          filed in the Beatrice Kayian lawsuit a notice that he had served            
          answers to interrogatories which Beatrice Kayian had served on              
          him on January 20, 1993.  In those answers, Mr. Kayian, Sr. did             
          not disclose the existence of the Aruba bonds, but did disclose,            
          inter alia, (1) that he owned the two Key West condominiums,                
          (2) that he owned the mortgage notes on certain time-shares,                
          (3) that he had one insurance policy with Continental, (4) that             
          he had one bank account with a balance of $300 from which Ms.               
          Livingston was authorized to withdraw funds, (5) that he had an             
          aggregate tax liability for 1987 through 1991 in the amount of              
          $86,636.66, and (6) that he was making monthly payments to four             
          creditors as follows:  $1,000 per month to the Service and $250             
          per month to each of three banks which had issued credit cards to           
               On or about August 6, 1993, Ms. Livingston checked Mr.                 
          Kayian, Sr. into a hospital because he was having trouble breath-           
          ing.  Ms. Livingston called Mr. Kayian, Jr. on the following day            
          and informed him that she was leaving Tampa, although she had not           

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