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          return the Aruba bonds, the $12,000 of Social Security benefits             
          for which Mr. Kayian, Sr. received a check before he died, and              
          any other assets of Mr. Kayian, Sr.'s estate in the possession of           
          Mr. Kayian, Jr.  At a time not disclosed by the record, Mr. Carr            
          filed on behalf of Mr. Kayian, Sr.'s estate a complaint in the              
          Probate Court commencing an action against Mr. Kayian, Jr. to               
          recover certain property of Mr. Kayian, Sr. in the possession of            
          Mr. Kayian, Jr., including the Aruba bonds, any cash representing           
          proceeds from the sale of such bonds, bank accounts, and other              
               Ms. Livingston, in her capacity as personal representative             
          of Mr. Kayian, Sr.'s estate, filed in the probate proceeding an             
          inventory of the assets of that estate, dated March 24, 1994                
          (inventory).  That inventory listed, inter alia, the following              
          properties of Mr. Kayian, Sr.'s estate that were in the pos-                
          session, control, or knowledge of Ms. Livingston and the fol-               
          lowing estimated fair market values of such properties:  (1) the            
          two Key West condominiums valued at $64,000; (2) the mortgage               
          notes on certain time-shares valued at $53,244.45; (3) proceeds             
          held by Mr. Lanier in the amount of $9,415.08; (4) the Aruba                
          bonds valued at $70,000, with a notation that Ms. Livingston was            
          currently investigating the value of those bonds and that the               
          value might be reduced to $60,000; (5) the Jackson National                 
          annuity contract and the Continental annuity contract valued at             

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