Robert John Kayian, Transferee - Page 32

                                       - 32 -                                         

                         (a) With actual intent to hinder, delay,                     
                    or defraud any creditor of the debtor; * * *                      
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    (2) In determining actual intent under paragraph                  
               (1)(a), consideration may be given, among other fac-                   
               tors, to whether:                                                      
                         (a) The transfer or obligation was to an                     
                         (b) The debtor retained possession or                        
                    control of the property transferred after the                     
                         (c) The transfer or obligation was dis-                      
                    closed or concealed.                                              
                         (d) Before the transfer was made or                          
                    obligation was incurred, the debtor had been                      
                    sued or threatened with suit.                                     
                         (e) The transfer was of substantially                        
                    all the debtor's assets.                                          
                         (f) The debtor absconded.                                    
                         (g) The debtor removed or concealed                          
                         (h) The value of the consideration re-                       
                    ceived by the debtor was reasonably equiv-                        
                    alent to the value of the asset transferred                       
                    or the amount of the obligation incurred.                         
                         (i) The debtor was insolvent or became                       
                    insolvent shortly after the transfer was made                     
                    or the obligation was incurred.                                   
                         (j) The transfer occurred shortly before                     
                    or shortly after a substantial debt was in-                       
                         (k) The debtor transferred the essential                     
                    assets of the business to a lienor who trans-                     
                    ferred the assets to an insider of the                            

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