Leon L. Zachman and Estate of Ione Zachman - Page 4

                                        - 4 -                                         
         Maplewood two life insurance policies and an extensive assortment            
         of personal property, including furniture, china, lamps, home                
         appliances, a popcorn pumper, and a “Blue Madonna picture”.                  
              Hillside Farm and Maplewood both purport to be business                 
         trusts formed pursuant to Minnesota law.  The named trustees of              
         each of these trusts are Parnell, Inc. (Parnell) and Armageddon,             
         Inc. (Armageddon), nonprofit corporations organized under the                
         laws of South Dakota.  These corporations are also the named                 
         trustees for numerous other business trusts.                                 
              The Declaration of Trust of Hillside Farm (the Declaration              
         of Trust), dated April 25, 1983, recites that it is made between             
         Parnell and Armageddon, “herein referred to as Trustees, for the             
         purpose of enabling the Trustees to hold and manage the trust                
         estate and to carry on business as hereinafter provided.”  The               
         Declaration of Trust further provides in pertinent part:                     
                                ARTICLE III.  SHARES                                  
                   SECTION 1.  The beneficial interest in this trust shall            
              be divided into shares without par value.  Upon unanimous               
              approval of the Board of Trustees, shares may be sold or                
              exchanged for such consideration, and on such terms, as the             
              Trustees deem proper.  All shares shall be evidenced by                 
              trust certificates of which [sic] shall be signed by each of            
              the Trustees.                                                           
                   SECTION 2. The certificates shall entitle owners                   
              thereof to participate proportionately in all dividends and             
              other distributions of income or principal as the Trustees              
              may, from time to time, in their absolute discretion,                   
              declare and pay out; provided that, upon the termination of             
              the trust, the Trustees shall distribute all of the property            
              and accrued income to the certificate holders of record in              

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