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                                        - 5 -                                         
              proportion that the number of shares they own bears to the              
              total number of shares issued and outstanding.                          
                   SECTION 3.  Any Trustee hereunder may acquire, hold and            
              dispose of shares in this Trust to the same extent and in               
              the same way as if he were not a Trustee and without                    
              affecting in any way his status or power as such.                       
                   SECTION 4.  No shares shall be issued in addition to               
              those originally specified herein except as replacements for            
              other certificate holders as authorized by this Declaration.            
              The total number of shares outstanding shall not exceed 100             
              (one hundred) in number.                                                
                   SECTION 5.  Transfers of shares shall be made only on              
              the books of the business trust and the old certificate                 
              properly endorsed shall be surrendered and canceled before a            
              new certificate is issued, provided that, no transfer shall             
              be effective until approved by unanimous vote of the Board              
              of Trustees.                                                            
                   *       *       *       *       *       *       *                  
                   SECTION 7.   The rights of trust certificate holders               
              and other persons becoming entitled to shares of the trust              
              shall be subject to all terms and conditions of this                    
              Declaration of Trust.  The shares shall not be personal                 
              property, and the ownership thereof shall not give any                  
              person any legal or equitable title in or to the trust                  
              property or any part thereof, but shall only entitle the                
              owners of shares to their proportionate shares of dividends             
              and distributions as herein provided.  No shareholders shall            
              have any rights to manage or control the property, affairs,             
              or business of the trust, or any power to control Trustees              
              in these respects.   No shareholder shall have any right to             
              a partition of the trust property or to an accounting during            
              the continuance of the trust.  No part of the trust property            
              or the income therefrom shall be liable for the debts of any            
              trust certificate holder and no certificate holder shall                
              have any power to sell, assign, transfer, encumber, or in               
              any manner to anticipate or dispose of his shares or the                
              income produced thereby, prior to the actual distribution in            
              fact, by the Trustee to said certificate holder.                        
                   SECTION 8.  The death, insolvency or incapacity of any             
              trust certificate holder shall not operate to terminate or              
              dissolve the trust or affect its continuity * * *.  If any              

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