Estate of Albert Strangi - Page 3

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          Strangi Gulig (Mrs. Gulig) resided in Waco, Texas, when the                 
          petition in this case was filed.                                            
               Decedent was a self-made multimillionaire.  He married                 
          Genevieve Crowley Strangi (Genevieve Strangi) in the late 1930's            
          and had four children--Jeanne Strangi, Albert T. Strangi, John              
          Strangi, and Mrs. Gulig, collectively referred to herein as the             
          Strangi children.  In 1965, the marriage between decedent and               
          Genevieve Strangi was terminated by divorce, and decedent                   
          remarried Irene Delores Seymour (Mrs. Strangi).  Mrs. Strangi had           
          two daughters from a previous marriage, Angela Seymour and Lynda            
               In 1975, decedent sold his company, Mangum Manufacturing, in           
          exchange for Allen Group stock, and he and Mrs. Strangi moved to            
          Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Mrs. Gulig married Michael J. Gulig            
          (Mr. Gulig) in 1985.  Mr. Gulig was an attorney in Waco, Texas,             
          with the law firm of Sheehy, Lovelace and Mayfield, P.C.                    
          Mr. Gulig has done a substantial amount of estate planning and is           
          proficient in that field.                                                   
               On February 19, 1987, decedent and Mrs. Strangi executed               
          wills that named the Strangi children, Angela Seymour, and Lynda            
          Seymour as residual beneficiaries in the event that either                  
          decedent or Mrs. Strangi predeceased the other.  These wills were           
          prepared by the law offices of Tobolowsky, Prager & Schlinger in            
          Dallas, Texas.  Mrs. Strangi also executed the Irene Delores                

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