Estate of Albert Strangi - Page 4

                                        - 4 -                                         
          Strangi Irrevocable Trust (the Trust).  Decedent was designated             
          as the executor of Mrs. Strangi’s will and as the trustee of the            
               Mrs. Strangi’s will provided that her personal effects were            
          to be left to decedent and that life insurance proceeds, employee           
          benefits, and the residuary of her estate should be distributed             
          to the Trust.  The first codicil to Mrs. Strangi’s will provided            
          that property she owned in Dallas, Texas, should be distributed             
          to the Jeanne Strangi Brown Trust.  The Trust provided that                 
          lifetime distributions would be made to Mrs. Strangi and that,              
          upon her death, (1) her property in Florida should be distributed           
          to Angela Seymour and Lynda Seymour, (2) $50,000 should be                  
          distributed to Mrs. Strangi’s sister, and (3) the residuary                 
          should be distributed to decedent provided that he survived her.            
               In 1987 and 1988, Mrs. Strangi suffered a series of serious            
          medical problems.  In 1988, decedent and Mrs. Strangi moved to              
          Waco, Texas.  Sylvia Stone (Stone) was hired as decedent’s                  
          housekeeper.  She also provided assistance with the care of                 
          Mrs. Strangi.  On July 19, 1988, decedent executed a power of               
          attorney, naming Mr. Gulig as his attorney in fact.                         
               On July 31, 1990, decedent executed a new will, naming his             
          children as the sole residual beneficiaries if Mrs. Strangi                 
          predeceased him.  This will also named Mrs. Gulig and Ameritrust            
          Texas, N.A. (Ameritrust), as coexecutors of decedent’s estate.              

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