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                                       - 16 -                                         
          comparable properties had a lesser amount of land when compared             
          to the area of the restaurant buildings located on those                    
          properties.  The per-square foot value of their properties was              
          therefore somewhat higher.  Using figures based upon these                  
          comparable sites thus tended to overstate the square-foot value             
          of the Latina restaurant.                                                   
               The value of the land upon which the restaurant was located            
          had a street frontage of only 64 feet, compared to frontages of             
          comparable properties of 147 feet, 150 feet, and 197 feet.  Mr.             
          Schmidt’s downward adjustments of 55 to 80 percent for comparable           
          properties, however, is not justifiable.  On the other hand,                
          while Mr. Bollinger’s valuation does take into account the                  
          inferior frontage, it does not do so enough.  Having considered             
          both reports, we believe that the value of the land, separate               
          from the value of the improvements upon it, was $100,000 as of              
          the valuation date.                                                         
               The two appraisers’ values of the improvements on the                  
          property are very close.  Mr. Schmidt arrived at a value of                 
          $275,145.  Similarly, when Mr. Bollinger’s valuation of the land,           
          some $125,000, is subtracted from his overall appraisal of the              
          property of $388,000, the resulting value of the improvements is            
          $264,000.  We conclude that the building was worth $270,000.                
          Accordingly we believe that, based on comparable sales, the                 

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Last modified: May 25, 2011