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                                       - 18 -                                         
          at a valuation, using this cost approach, of $340,000, an amount            
          that approximates his comparable sales value.  Mr. Bollinger’s              
          cost replacement approach yields a value of $390,000, which is              
          close to his comparable sales value.  As was the case with                  
          comparable sales, the principal difference in the two cost                  
          analyses arises from the different assumed values for the                   
          underlying land.  Mr. Schmidt values the underlying land at                 
          $55,000, and Mr. Bollinger values it at $125,000.  As noted                 
          above, we have found the value of the underlying land to be                 
          $100,000.  When we substitute this value into each expert’s cost-           
          replacement analysis, we arrive at values that are close to                 
          $375,000.  We believe, however, that factors used in the cost-              
          replacement analyses are more speculative than those in the                 
          comparable sales analyses.  We conclude that the two appraisers’            
          cost replacement valuations are not as accurate as the $370,000             
          value derived by way of the comparable sales method.                        
               We are concerned, however, that neither appraiser has taken            
          into account the closing of General Motors’ V-8 engine plant.               
          This facility, which employed more than 4,000 people, was located           
          half a mile from decedent’s restaurant.  Mr. Schmidt’s appraisal            
          does not take this event into consideration because he prepared             
          the report before General Motors announced the closure.  Mr.                
          Bollinger’s appraisal concluded that "Displacement of employees             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011