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          year 1994, petitioner filed with the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,            
          office of respondent a two-page document entitled "Statement",              
          which included two copies of Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement,              
          relative to income payments to petitioner during 1994.  The first           
          page of the statement listed the income and Social Security taxes           
          withheld, as to which, on the bottom line, petitioner identified            
          that amount to be refunded.  For the year 1995, petitioner filed            
          with the Washington, D.C., office of respondent a six-page                  
          document captioned "Actual and Constructive Notice of                       
          Declaration".  This document included copies of a Form SSA-1099-            
          SM, Social Security Benefit Statement, evidencing Social Security           
          benefits paid to petitioner during 1995, one Form W-2, and one              
          Form 1099-R, Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement             
          or Profit Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, Etc.,                   
          evidencing retirement benefits paid to petitioner.  In this                 
          document, among other things, petitioner stated her citizenship             
          to be that of the "Utah Republic", that the place and source of             
          her income was "within the territorial jurisdiction of the                  
          government of Utah, 'without U.S.'", and that her "allegiance"              
          was "to Utah, and the Republic for which it stands and is joined            
          with".  The document further included a denial that petitioner              
          was a "U.S. resident living or working within any federal area,             
          district, country, state, or land subject to the (imperial)                 
          taxation powers of the U.S." or that she had any "sources" of               

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