Estate of Eleanor T.R. Trotter - Page 5

                                        - 5 -                                         
               lesser of the (i) the actual amount contributed by each                
               transferor during the calendar year of the creation of                 
               the trust, or (ii) $10,000.00 per transferor.  If an                   
               additional contribution to principal is made to the                    
               trust in a calendar year subsequent to the year in                     
               which the trust is created, each grandchild then living                
               shall have the power, in his/her sole discretion                       
               commencing with the date of such addition, to withdraw                 
               property then belonging to the principal of the trust                  
               (including the property constituting the addition)                     
               having a value equal at the time of withdrawal to the                  
               value of the addition to trust (at the time of such                    
               addition) immediately after the time of addition,                      
               provided that the individual making the addition shall                 
               have the right by a written instrument filed with the                  
               Trustee to (i) exclude any individual who would                        
               otherwise have a power of withdrawal from exercising                   
               such power, (ii) increase or decrease the amount                       
               subject to any power of withdrawal except that the                     
               amount subject to all withdrawal powers shall not                      
               exceed the amount of the addition, or (iii) to change                  
               the period during which any power of withdrawal may be                 
               exercised.  The Trustee shall notify in writing each                   
               person having a withdrawal power [or a legal guardian                  
               or parent thereof] advising each such person of the                    
               existence of the withdrawal power and such notification                
               shall be made promptly after the creation of the trust                 
               or after an addition is made in a calendar year                        
               subsequent to the year of creation of the trust. * * *                 
               Each such person receiving notification from the                       
               Trustee shall have thirty (30) calendar days (or in the                
               case of an addition, such other period determined by                   
               the individual making the addition) after receiving                    
               such notification to exercise the power by a written                   
               instrument delivered to the Trustee * * *                              
               Subsequently, on December 22, 1993, decedent signed a                  
          warranty deed transferring title to Apartment 3S of the Westriver           
          Townhouses to the trust.  Such property was the condominium in              
          which decedent and Mr. Trotter resided.  In addition, although              
          Mr. Trotter was not an owner of the condominium, he also signed             
          the warranty deed to release any spousal rights in the property             

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