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                                       - 11 -                                         
               ing and paying as scheduled.  Only after receiving a                   
               letter indicating a TAX LEVY, was I aware of what was                  
               going on.                                                              
               I am now legally divorced from Claiborne L. Collier,                   
               IV, and have been separated from him since 1992.  While                
               married to Claiborne he had increased his payroll                      
               deductions from 3 to 12 without my knowledge during the                
               years 1988 through 1991.  I was not aware of this                      
               deduction until after we were divorced and I began                     
               cleaning out old files and records.  Yes, I am guilty                  
               and I feel very foolish as not to have taken a more                    
               responsible approach with the filing of our taxes.  At                 
               the time I had no reason not to trust him with our                     
               financial matters, not even knowing what or how much we                
               might get back or owe, he did keep me in the dark.  I                  
               erred in my judgment with many aspects of our marriage                 
               and especially with our finances.  I do not have any                   
               documentation from his place of employment during those                
               years, nor is his former employer, Equitable Bank of                   
               Maryland, in business any longer.  I have moved several                
               times as our records were either lost or thrown out.                   
               All I have are my own tax records for the years 1992 to                
               the current.  I have legal custody of our son and have                 
               only claimed him and myself.  I now know there are many                
               things I was lead to believe about the marriage and our                
               financial obligations that were now correct.                           
               In 1997, I should have received a $900 federal refund                  
               for tax FYE 96.  I requested that my refunds not be                    
               applied to any back taxes with my former husband.  When                
               I did not hear a response, I wrote asking for it to be                 
               applied to and accepted as paid-in-full for the Tax                    
               period: 12-31-1987.  The amount owed for the year 1988                 
               was $818.03.  However, it was not credited as paid in                  
               full.  In 1998, I should have received $725 for FYE 97                 
               again it was applied to our 1987 and 1988 tax year.                    
               Again I wrote asking for relief of my taxes and again                  
               it was not.                                                            
               Since 1992, I have lived up to all the IRS required                    
               agreements of filing federal taxes on time.  As a                      
               matter of fact, I’ve tried in previous years, without                  
               success, to not have any of my tax refunds applied to                  
               these back taxes.  I submitted legal documents and the                 
               Form 433-F to the required departments.  I think it was                
               either lost or misplaced in your office, because when I                
               called to check the status, after several months of not                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011