Estate of Marion P. Bradford, Deceased, Lizette L. Pryor, Executrix - Page 3

                                        - 3 -                                         
             estate.  At the time the instant petition was filed, the                 
             executrix resided in Raleigh, North Carolina.                            
                  On March 21, 1996, less than 1 month before he died,                
             the decedent had executed his last will and testament.                   
             After making provision for the payment of the decedent's                 
             debts, expenses, and death taxes, the decedent's will                    
             made bequests of certain personal property to his sister,                
             Ms. Claudia Bradford Stach, and to Ms. Pryor, and it                     
             directed that the rest, residue, and remainder of the                    
             decedent's property be given to Ms. Pryor as successor                   
             trustee under a revocable living trust that the decedent                 
             created contemporaneously with the execution of his will.                
                  The decedent's will provides for the payment of his                 
             debts, expenses, and death taxes in the following                        
                                      ARTICLE I                                       
                               DIRECTIONS TO EXECUTOR                                 
                       1.01  PAYMENT OF DEBTS AND EXPENSES.  All                      
                  my legal debts, health care expenses, funeral                       
                  expenses and the administration expenses of my                      
                  estate, shall be paid out of my Residuary Estate.                   
                  I authorize my Executor, in its discretion, to                      
                  spend more than is otherwise allowed by law for                     
                  a suitable gravestone and for perpetual care of                     
                  the lot upon which my grave is located.  It is                      
                  my desire that I be buried in my family plot in                     
                  Willow Dale Cemetery in Goldsboro, North                            
                       1.02  PAYMENT OF DEATH TAXES.  All death                       
                  taxes (other than death taxes which are paid                        

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Last modified: May 25, 2011