Estate of Marion P. Bradford, Deceased, Lizette L. Pryor, Executrix - Page 8

                                        - 8 -                                         
                  Thus, according to paragraph 5.03 of article V of the               
             trust agreement, the successor trustee is directed to                    
             "allocate one half of the remaining Trust assets or                      
             property for the establishment of a private charitable                   
             foundation for the benefit of the church at which LIZETTE                
             LEWIS PRYOR attends and is a member as of the date of                    
             Grantor's death."  The church referred to in that provision              
             is the Millbrook United Methodist Church.  The private                   
             charitable foundation is to be established for a period                  
             of 5 years, and the remaining proceeds held by the                       
             charitable foundation and any accumulated interest are to                
             be distributed in fee to the Millbrook Methodist Church                  
             5 years after the decedent's death.                                      
                  According to paragraph 5.04 of article V, the                       
             successor trustee is directed to make a distribution to the              
             other beneficiary of the trust, Ms. Pryor, "Upon the death               
             of the Grantor".  The trust agreement describes the amount               
             of this immediate distribution to Ms. Pryor as "the                      
             remaining Trust property which remains after providing for               
             all previous distributions and for payment of all expenses               
             of administering such Trust in accordance with provisions                
             of paragraph 6.02 herein for bequests, debts, expenses, and              
             taxes of Grantor's estate".                                              

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Last modified: May 25, 2011